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Weather Drone

Weather Drones

Unmanned aircrafts are commonly used for precision agriculture applications such as airborne fertilizer and pesticide spraying, measuring of air contaminations above volcanoes and other hardly accessible places, meteorological measurements and weather prediction forecasts as well for complex scientific experiments.
Environmental conditions can affect different construction works, human rescue operations, landing of the aircrafts, marine operations etc.
Precise real-time knowledge of the surrounding conditions like wind and turbulence, temperature and humidity and gaseous contaminations cab be vitally important.
Flying platforms equipped with special sensors is an ideal solution for capturing the data needed to support such operations.
Our UAV copter is an ideal lightweight solution for gathering information on wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, pressure and other factors that can help decision-making for precision agriculture operations, weather models etc. In addition it can be implemented to capture boundary layer profiles and assess changes in atmospheric surface layer.