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A Few Words About Antigrad

HSRC “Antigrad”, is a scientific-industrial company committed to continued advances in the field of weather modification and radar meteorology.
Nearly 20 Years of Expertise in hail Suppression Science and Technology.
HSRC “Antigrad” was founded in 1992, in the small town of Nalchik, Russia. Nalchik is located in the North Caucasian District of Russia where hail phenomena is common.
Our tradition of leadership and innovation continues to direct our future. We continue to expand our services and products to meet emerging client needs.
Over the last ten years, HSRC has broadened its activity offering automated clouds seeding systems and developing of light manning concept in hail suppression direction.
Core value of quality, reliability, and innovation provide the framework for Hail Suppression Center. These values, and increasing climate change, will continue to direct our team of scientists, designers, programmers, electronics technicians, and maintenance engineers.
HSRC “Antigrad” develops and manufactures high-performance antihail systems that solve its customers’ most challenging problems with innovative solutions.
Antigrad’ products are aimed at applications which require extensive operation, accuracy, efficiency, and ultra-low human source consumption. Antigrad’ product range includes weather phenomena monitoring hardware and software systems, automated antihail launchers and weather radars hardware-software deep upgrade.
If you have a question, please call us at +78662403761 or send an e-mail using the form below.