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Prof. Dr. Magomet T. Abshaev is a scientific and methodogical leader and director of the Center. He is world renowned expert in radar meteorology, weather modification and cloud physics with more than 50 years of experience.

Dr., Associated Professor Ali M. Abshaev is an expert in weather modification, cloud modelling and meteorology. He is guiding wide range of tasks, connected with development of new hardware and software products, their manufacturing and distribution.

Dr., Nikolay V. Sirota in hail suppression systems and weather radar systems. He is responsible for development and upgrade of radar systems, their manufacturing and implementation.

Alexandr F. Kotelevich is the chief expert for electronic systems. In his career he developed wide range of end user devices implemented on aircrafts, manufactures, antihail servies, etc.

Dr. Prof. Robert G. Zakinyan performs theoretical analysis and researches related to clouds and general meteorology.

Husein J. Malkarov is the chief of manufacturing control and spare parts supply.

Masha A. Kotelevich is our software developer for different devices, like standard and mobile applications as well as for electronic microcontrollers and microprocessors.

Kanshaubi H. Malkarov is a young and talented engineer particiapting in the equipment installation and maintanace works.

Vladimir Gricunov is the chief designer of mechanical systems. He is responsible for development of constructions of new devices.

Ms. Asiyat Naloeva is the assistant designer of mechanical systems. She is responsible for development of documentation and drawings of constructions of new devices.

Ahmat H. Gergokov is an engineer in maintaining of antihail devices, weather radar software systems, weather sensors, etc.

Salima S. Abshaeva is an accountant responsible for office work and preparation of reports to tax services, custom, etc.

Mariam M. Gillieva is a lawyer and legal consultant.